Benjamin Harrison V

Benjamin Harrison V was a Virginian delegate to the Continental Congress, a plantation owner, politician, and signer of the Declaration of Independence.

Benjamin Harrison V, signer of the Declaration of Independence
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Benjamin Harrison V was born on April 5, 1726 in Charles City County, Virginia. Ben was the first child born to Benjamin Harrison IV and Anne Carter. When Benjamin was old enough he studied law. When he had completed his studies, he became a representative in the House of Burgesses, as his father had before him.

In 1770, Harrison became active in encouraging the boycott on British goods. From there, Harrison began jumping on board with different British opposing movements. In 1773, Harrison was among the first men to start pushing for the colonies to put together a Continental Congress so the colonies could make decisions as a whole.

In 1774, Harrison was sent as a delegate to the First Continental Congress. In 1775, he was sent again as delegate to the Second Continental Congress. In 1776, Benjamin Harrison V signed the Declaration of Independence.

During the Revolutionary War, Harrison continued to serve in the Continental Congress. The after the war had begun, Congress put together the Committee of Secret Correspondence, which Benjamin was asked to be a member of. Benjamin Harrison V was also the chairman of the Board of War all through the Revolutionary War.

In 1781, Benjamin was elected the fifth Governor of Virginia. Harrison served as Governor for three years. After the Treaty of Paris was signed, the War was officially brought to an end. However, for quite some time, Harrison still had to deal with the aftereffects from the War and British soldiers in Virginia.

Benjamin Harrison continued to serve his country until his death on April 24, 1791 in Charles City County, Virginia. Benjamin Harrison V will always be remembered for the contributions he made to the birth of our great country.

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